At ACE , we like to keep things simple, so we have created “all-inclusive” pricing for our equipment and dealer services.

Delivery, set up, tear down, dealers, tables, chips, cards and related equipment and running the event to your specifications are included in a per table price for up to three hours.

Supervisor is included with three tables or more.

Dealer gratuity is optional and at the discretion of the client.

Here is our standard pricing chart, including type and number of tables available, approximate dimensions of each game type, and price per table:

  • Blackjack tables (12 available) – 6ft X 4 ft half-moon shape: $450 per table
  • Poker tables (15 available) – 8ft X 4 ft rectangle with rounded corners: $450 per table
  • Roulette tables (2 available) – 10ft X6ft “L” shape: $550 per table

We can help with the format of your event to create a unique and memorable event for your guests.

If you are interested in renting tables only, tables and chips or just dealers, we will be happy to provide a custom quote for your specific needs.